Presentation of Student Work from Mikhalkov’s Academy

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A presentation of work by students from Nikita Mikhalkov’s Academy of Cinema and Theater was held on the last day of the Festival. The first students were enrolled at the Academy last year. Previously, hundreds of students from over twenty-five countries attended the summer school of film during the past three years, which went on to become a one-year course. Students study acting, directing, camera and editing. The head of acting department is Nikita Mikhalkov, who selected the best twenty-three candidates out of over a hundred taking the entrance exam, including Serbian actress Milena Jakšić. There are six students at the departments for directing, camera and production each, which guarantees an individual approach and devotion to each student, which will continue in the future.

Lectures at Nikita’s Acadamy are held by renowned Russian artists, including Vladimir Khotinenko, Anatoliy Mukasey and Leonid Vereshchagin, who are heads of directing, camera and production departments. Over the course of the academic year, the Academy welcomes prominent visiting lecturers who hold workshops for the students. Nikita Mikhalkov continues to supervise the graduates of the Academy after they have completed their studies.

The audience could see fragments of Mikhalkov’s workshops and the course of work on student plays based on the work of Anton Chekhov and Ivan Bunin. In addition, student films by Andrei Bogatiryov, Vera Vadinska and Anastasia Glebova were screened. Andrei expressed his gratitude for presenting his film in Serbia, while Vera Vadinska said that she was excited that her film was premiered here at Küstendorf.

Moscow students’ visit to Küstendorf and Serbia is also the first official presentation of Nikita Mikhalkov’s Academy of Cinema and Theater abroad.