Gold is the Sun Buried in Ground

korneliju feat

On the fifth day of the Kustendorf Film and Music Festival, Corneliu Porumboiu’s The Treasure was screened to an audience of Kustendorf guests. The movie was followed by a workshop with the director, where guests of the festival could ask questions to learn more about the director’s method and process.

Throughout the workshop, Porumboiu emphasized that The Treasure was unique compared to his other work as it featured both professional and nonprofessional actors, so he had to work in a way that could accommodate both skill levels. Specifically, he talked about rehearsal time and that he prefers to have less rehearsal time with non actors and kids.

When asked about his position and the evolution of the Romanian New Wave of cinema, he explained that he doesn’t believe there is a new wave adding that, “at the end of the day each director finds their own voice in cinema.” However, he is friends with other Romanian directors and they often exchange scripts in order to provide each other with general comments.

Porumboiu also mentioned his focus on lighting for this movie. It was very important in his effort to portray the fascination with gold. In his own words, “gold is the like the sun buried in land.”