15/1 | 21:00 | One Who Brings the Rain

Isidora Veselinović


Mina (25) is living the failed life of a millennial. She spends the night on a rave in a club in Belgrade. She is high, drunk and destructive. Mina gets in her car and drives until she goes off the road. Her car is broken, and she is lost. Then, emerging from the forest, an unknown man shoes up, on a horse. He takes her to his ranch. She will want to stay there longer than expected.

Isidora Veselinović

Katarina Mitrović
Isidora Veselinović

Director of Photography
Đorđe Stojiljković

Film Editing
Olga Košarić

Mina Stojadinović
Tijana Drakulić

Production Company
Fakultet dramskih umetnosti

Marta Bjelica
Igor Benčina
Dubravka Kovjanić
Maša Đorđević


Serbia 2019

Isidora Veselinović
Director's Biography
Isidora Veselinović

Isidora Veselinović was born in 1990, in Belgrade, Serbia. In 2018, she obtained a master's degree in Film and Television Directing with her film One who brings the rain at Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. During her bachelor studies she directed a couple of short fiction and documentary films.

Filmography: The Night Is Too Short (2013) Why Am I So (2014) Until Road Do Us Part (2015)