15/1 | 21:00 | Sunday

Andor Berenyi


Laci and his sister meet their father on the weekends. This time the father’s new girlfriend is coming with them to the beach.

Andor Berenyi

Andor Berenyi

Director of Photography
Gabor Szucs

Film Editing
Gergely Meszaros

Gyorgy Palos
Linda Pfeiffer

Production Company
Paprika Studios

Zsolt Nagy
Nike Kurta
Andras Ferenc Seress
Cecilia Palinkas


Hungary 2019

Andor Berenyi
Director's Biography
Andor Berenyi
Andor Berényi was born in Kaposvár, Hungary in 1995. He is living in Budapest, where he studied at Eötvös Lóránd University's Film Studies course. The work on László Nemes's Sunset was the start of his professional filmmaker career. He has been working as an Assistant Director since 2014. Among others he worked on Sunset, Easy Living, Treadstone and Terminator: Dark Fate. At the University he made several short films, including  Lecsó (2016) and Csíz (2018). His diploma short Sunday (2019) debuted in London (Sunday Shorts Festival) with Jury Award. After the Hungarian premiere, Küstendorf will be the first screening of the film with bigger audience. Andor is planning to continue his studies abroad, before developing his first feature in Hungary.