17/1 | 24:00 | Love Hunters

Love Hunters are a Serbian rock band from Novi Sad, formed in 1987. Their discography includes more then 10 albums: There No Centuries (1988), Everclassic (1994), Oh Evolution (1995), Out of Tune (1996), Donau (1996), Total Rickverzzo (1996), Azimuth (1997), Unplugged (1999), Harley Krishna (2001), One Hunt (2002), Live in Bistro (2004), Live in Novi Sad 2011 (2012), Love Hunter – original film soundtrack (2014).  Single-albums Black&Blue and Suck Disease announced the new album named Suck Disease, released in 2015. They played over 3000 concerts across Europe and composed music for two films and two theatre shows. With their frontmen Milan Mumin on helm, they reached the status of a cult band in the early nineties. Today they perform in their original line-up: Mumin – lead vocal and guitar, Protector – bass, Thunderman – drums, while guitar player Vlada Apatinec is a reinforcement that gives them a new fresh and energetic sound. This is what audience will experience, as Love Hunter do a tour-de-force of old and new hit-songs, as well as the tracks from the film Love Hunter, an autobiographical story of the frontman Mumin, that received raving reviews in prestigious media, such as New York Times and Hollywood reporter.