16/1 | 24:00 | Click Here

/Pioneer of the Global Bass scene, Dj Click keeps exploring Roma music by bringing together artists from various cultures. The band is made up of experienced musicians from Moldova, Romania and French. Click Here is mixing the heat of popular music with the confident convulsions of new wave sounds, applying a great reinforcement of analog synthesizers,TR-707 Roland and guitar chorus. Imagine New Order playing with the Taraf de Haidouks ! Depeche Mode enjoying astay in the Balkans! Between the treasures of traditional cultures and the power of dance floors, an intense journey to the heart of Tziganie. Masha Natanson (singer of the band Čaci Vorba) plays the breadcrumb trail, guiding the epic of her multilingual voice through landscapes and eras. A hymn without visa in the heart of the Gypsy. A hymn without visa to the celebration.