18/1 | 11:00 | Cross Country

Puriša Đorđević


A priest’s daughter from a small town falls in love with cross country runner she sees on TV. She starts to train. She runs, meets a local boy and falls in love. She runs further, meets a black man and starts flirting. The local boy kills a black man out of jealousy and the police kills him. The girl keeps running and becomes a champion. Girl, her father and their small town are happy.

Mladomir Puriša Đorđević

Mladomir Puriša Đorđević

Director of Photography
Jovan Jovanović

Film Editing
Mirjana Mitić

Mladen Todić
Dragoljub Marković

Production Company
Avala Film

Milena Dravić
Mirčeta Vujičić
Ljuba Tadić
Ljubinka Bobić
Ružica Sokić
Neda Аrnerić


Puriša Đorđević
Director's Biography
Puriša Đorđević

Mladomir Puriša Đorđević is the oldest active Serbian film director and screenwriter. He was born in Čačak, in 1924. Prior to World War II he was a member of the Communit youth, and joined the partisans at the beginning of the uprising in Serbia in 1941. After the war he has worked as an editor for film propaganda section  and began directing documentaries. He has made eighteen feature films, over fifty documentary short films and two television films. His tetralogy of films depicting the war and post-war era, made between 1965 and 1968, is a unique achievement in the history of Yugoslavian cinema. In addition to several awards at the Yugoslav Film Festival in Pula, Morning (1967) and Noon (1968) premiered in Venice, while Dream (1966) competed at the Berlin Festival. Puriša Đorđević is the recipient of several lifetime achievement awards. He is currently making a film about Matija Bećković, a renowned Serbian contemporary poet.