14 loop


Matija Gluščević


Some time ago, Mima was in a car accident and a man was killed. She almost managed to forget about it when she started receiving birthday cards with the man’s perfume on them. Becoming obsessed with these cards, she cannot help but remember her trauma.

Matija Gluščević

Matija Gluščević, Isidora Milosavljević

 Director of Photography
Aleksa Radunović

 Film Editing
Natalija Shaczka

 Film School
Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade, Serbia

Matija Gluščević, Čarna Vučinić

Jovana Gavrilović, Strahinja Blažić, Marko Janketić


Matija Gluščević
Director's Biography
Matija Gluščević

Matija Gluščevic was born in 1995 in Serbia. He studies Film directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. His short documentary Utopia (2016) was selected for the 64th Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival and Pula Film Festival, among others. His short film Loop (2017) had its world premiere at Locarno Festival.