chanel 1


Dominican Republic/2017
Humberto Vallejo


Chanel doesn’t live in New York like she has led all her family to believe. A voice message jeopardizes the double life she has built for her baby daughter and herself.

Humberto Vallejo

Humberto Vallejo, Alex Tiraplegui

 Director of Photography
Leo Pérez

 Film Editing
Ramón Alfonso Peña

Robelitza Pérez & Luguely Cunillera

Production Company
Vicio Films SRL

Karina Valdez, Ruairi Rhodes & Luna Feliz Paredes

10’ 22’’

Humberto Vallejo
Director's Biography
Humberto Vallejo

Humberto Vallejo, born in 1991 in Mexico City, 1991, was awarded a scholarship to study at University of Navarra, in Pamplona, Spain, where he majored in Audiovisual Communications and directed his first short film My Memories are Full of Cats. In 2016, he gave Film Directing courses at Altos de Chavón School of Design, in the Dominican Republic. Chanel, finished in 2017, is his second short film. Currently, he works as a commercial director in Mexico, while developing new film projects.