Domesticated Wolf

Elad Primo


After witnessing his daughter in the fields with the next door neighbor, Yaakov is fighting to maintain the isolated existence he has created for them. Only later, he realizes the dark consequences of his actions.

Elad Primo

Elad Primo

Director of Photography
Segew Shaw

 Film Editing
Nofar Volpo

 Film School
The Faculty of Arts – Hamidrasha at Beit Berl College

Hadar Balas

Albert Iluz, Noa Ohayon


Elad Primo
Director's Biography
Elad Primo
Elad Primo is a Tel-Aviv based filmmaker and writer. Elad graduated film school with honors from the Midrasha School of Art with Domesticated Wolf. During his studies, Elad directed two more short films: Playground (2012) and Super Girls (2013). His films won several awards and were screened at numerous film festivals worldwide. PlayGround was also screened at the 6th International Film and Music Festival Küstendorf . These days Elad is developing the script for his first feature film, while also working on a short film he has written.