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The Clan

Argentina, Spain | 2015

Pablo Trapero


Pablo Trapero

Pablo Trapero,
Julian Loyola,
Esteban Student

Director of photography:
Julián Apezteguia

Film Editing:
Alejandro Carrillo Penovi,
Pablo Trapero

Agustín and Pedro Almodóvar,
Matías Mosteirín,
Hugo Sigman,
Esther García,
Pablo Trapero

Production Company:
K&S Films,
El Deseo,
Kramer & Sigman Films,
Matanza Cine,
Telefonica Studios,
Televisión Federal (Telefe)

Antonia Bengoechea,
Gastón Cocchiarale,
Guillermo Francella



Argentina in the early eighties. Within a typical family home in the traditional neighborhood of San Isidro, a sinister clan makes its living off kidnapping and murder. Arquímedes, the patriarch, heads and plans the operations. Alejandro, his eldest son, is a star rugby player at CASI—a prestigious local club—and Los Pumas, the Argentine mythical national team. The son gives in to his father’s will and identifies possible candidates for kidnapping; his popularity shields him from suspicion. To a greater or lesser extent, the members of the family are accomplices in this dreadful venture as they live off the benefits yielded by the large ransoms paid by the families of their victims. Based on the true story of the Puccio family, this film full of suspense and intrigue takes place in the context of the final years of the Argentine military dictatorship.


Director's Biography

Pablo Trapero

Pablo Trapero was born in San Justo, Argentina, and studied filmmaking at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires. He wrote, directed, and edited the shorts Spoiled Brat (1993) and Bargaining (1995). His feature debut, the award-winning Crane World (1999), premiered at the Venice film festival the same year it was filmed. It was followed by El Bonaerense (2002), Rolling Family (2004), Born and Bred (2006), Lion’s Den (2008), The Vulture (2010) and White Elephant (2012). The Clan (2015), his latest film, was awarded Silver Lion in Venice.