Competition Programme

In Self Defense

Mexico | 2015

Mariana Arriaga


Mariana Arriaga

Guillermo Arriaga

Director of Photography:
Leslie Montero

Film Editing:
Patricio Marín

Film School:
Universidad Iberoamericana

Jacobo Salomón,
Mariana Arriaga

Production Company:
Universidad Iberoamericana
Cluster Studio
Kung Fu Audio
Astro LX

Emilio Echevarría,
Mauricio Isaac,
Lilia Mendoza,



A doctor receives a call late at night. His neighbors have had a terrible accident and are asking him to go. He accepts. As he enters the kitchen he sees a wounded young man lying on the floor. Alvaro, his neighbor, is pointing a riffle at the young man who apparently broke in. He is really wounded. Alvaro wants to help. The doctor refuses to attend him. He is a thief. Death floats in the kitchen and a moral conflict arises.


Director's Biography

Mariana Arriaga

Mariana Arriaga was born on March 15, 1991. Daughter of Maru and Guillermo, and sister of Santiago, she was born and raised in Mexico City, where she spent most of her life. Her love for film started when she was little. She grew up surrounded by passionate people who dedicated their lives to film. She could not really escape. She studied communication and recently graduated. Her graduation project was the short film – In self defense.