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Adam Stinga



Adam Stinga is one of the best living trumpet players who nurtures and popularizes Moldovan and Romanian style in trumpet playing. He is a great connoisseur of different styles and ways of interpretation, both in traditional and modern music.

Stinga was born thin 1962 in the village of Zirnesti, in the district of Cahul in Moldova. He began playing trumpet at the age of 12, learning from his cousin Ion Stinga, and a few years later the two of them performed with famous Romanian musicians. In 1985, Stinga graduated from the Gavril Muzicescu Institute of Arts in Chisinau. He started his professional career in the folk music orchestra Lautarii, followed by the collaboration with several folk music orchestras such as Mugurel, Busuioc Moldovenesc and Barbu Lautaru, with which he has performed and travelled across Europe.

Gifted and talented for music, Stinga gradually developed his own style, characterized by authenticity and honesty, but still remaining faithful to Moldovan music heritage. Playing with a number of well-known orchestras, he has performed in Italy, Germany, France, Ireland, Finland, Switzerland and Latin America. Being invited by Alan Bern in 2008, he participated, along with Moldovan violin player Marin Bueno, and other world famous musicians, in the project The Other Europeans, that gathered together the most influential musicians playing Jewish and Roma music into one orchestra. With this orchestra, Stinga has performed at numerous music festivals worldwide.

On his own, Stinga released two albums, and his virtuosity may be heard on the albums of many other musicians with whom he has collaborated.