18/1 | 17:00 | The Domain

Tiago Guedes


The chronicle of a Portuguese family that owns one of the largest estates in Europe, on the south bank of the River Tagus. The Domain delves deeply into the secrets of their homestead, portraying the historical, political, economic and social life of Portugal, since the 1940’s to these days.


Tiago Guedes

Rui Cardoso Martins
Tiago Guedes
Gilles Taurand

Director of Photography
Joao Lanca Morais

Film Editing
Roberto Perpignani

Carlos Bedran
Paulo Branco

Albano Jeronimo
Sandra Faleiro
Miguel Borges
Ana Vilela da Costa
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Tiago Guedes
Director's Biography
Tiago Guedes

Tiago Guedes, born in Porto, Portugal, in 1971, graduated in Filmmaking from the New York Film Academy. He works as director, scriptwriter and theatre director. His first feature film, Blood Curse (2005), co-directed with Frederico Serra, was part of the official selection of festivals such as Hamburg International Film festival, Sitges Film Festival and Busan. The feature film Noise (2008), also co-directed with Frederico Serra, was selected for several international film festivals, such as the San Sebastián Film Festival. The Domain (2019) is his most ambitious project, whose script was written in collaboration with Rui Cardoso Martins. Film premiered at the festival in Venice.