17/1 | 21:00 | Havana, Cuba

Andrei Hutuleac


Christmas in Bucharest: taxi driver Mircea has seen it all. Wearing an indifferent expression, he drives a series of aggressively intrusive characters across the city. A call to a local radio station brings excitement to his life however. Maybe he’ll win the trip to Cuba?

Andrei Hutuleac

Andrei Hutuleac

Director of Photography
Constantin Ene Jr.

Film Editing
Valerian Bulgariu

Tudor Giurgiu

Production Company
LIBRA films

Tudor Istodor
Mirela Oprisor
Alin Florea
Marian Ralea


Romania 2019

Andrei Hutuleac
Director's Biography
Andrei Hutuleac

Romanian born actor and director Andrei Huțuleac is a 2012 graduate of the National University of Theatre and Cinematography in Bucharest. He majored in acting and is best known for his work in the theatre. In 2016 he decided to make his debut as a filmmaker and started working on the script for the short film Offstage. In 2017, Offstage got the Best Live Action award at the Oscar qualifying Warsaw Film Festival in Poland. Now working on his first feature film, Andrei still concentrates on both theatre and film, viewing them less as separate domains and more as different subgenres of the art of storytelling.