Workshop with Matt Dillon

On the fourth day of Kustendorf, within the programme Retrospective of Greatness, the audience had the opportunity to see Gus Van Sant’s film Drugstore Cowboy (1989) starring Matt Dillon. After the screening, the actor held a workshop with the Festival guests. Dillon talked about his acting journey, from his beginnings when he was just fourteen in On the Edge (1979), to his recent collaboration with Lars von Trier in The House That Jack Built (2018). He described his acting philosophy with the word verisimilitude. Although acting and the whole art of film are an imitation, they need to be responsible to the truth. This conviction directs his choice of roles and the only acting method he follows. Verisimilitude helps him distance himself from non-artistic projects which fail to talk about human life. Apart from acting, Dillon also spoke about directing. He has three directing credits and he particularly singled out the documentary film about the Cuban scat singer Fracnsico Fellove, currently in post-production. A long-term project, it embodies the actor’s love for music in general, especially scat singing.