Portrait of Guerilla Fighter Turned President

After the opening ceremony, audience at the 12th Kustendorf have seen a new film directed by the festival founder, Professor Emir Kusturica. El Pepe, a Life Supreme is, as Kusturica told the audience, a film about the type of a president that doesn’t exist anymore –one of those for whom people shed tears. The Uruguayan guerilla fighter and political activist, who after many years of the armed rebellion, and as many years of imprisonment, served as the president of Uruguay. After Maradona, Mujica stepped in front of Kusturica’s lenses and shared with the Serbian director his idea of a life supreme. Professor Kusturica has emphasized the uncontemporariness of this film and specificity of its film language, which draws its roots from the ‘70s film style. He added that the search for the structure that would be appropriate for the film portrait of this guerilla fighter turned president lasted four years.