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Roland Gasparyan is the initiator of Reincarnation, a band with a long and many-sided 13-year history. During these years both the style and the members of the band have changed due to the experimental thoughts and lifestyle of the group leader.

In 2007, Reincarnation, which was already a band, caused a big stir with its new album Janfida to Jamaica 60 km. It was the first Armenian reggae and ska album. Now the band consists of seven members: vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, trumpet trombone and sax.

Also in 2007, the first reggae music video was filmed for the song Jan Rastaman. The style of the clip is very original; it is an unexpected mixture of Armenian and African styles. In 2006, Reincarnation started playing reggae concerts. The band took part in numerous concerts and festivals, and collective concerts in Armenian clubs. Roland Gasparyan also organized charity events for the Armenian orphans.

Roland Gasparyan, the Reincarnation himself, says that the members of the band will keep changing because he likes working with different musicians.