Vanja Victor Kabir Tognola


Anna, Francesco, and the eight-year-old Giorgio can’t afford a fancy holiday. Social pressure makes them fake a Bahamas vacation through photoshopped posts on social media. The deluge of likes/comments fuel an all-consuming dopamine rush.

Режија / Director:
Vanja Victor Kabir Tognola

Сценарио / Screenplay:
Vanja Victor Kabir Tognola

Директор фотографије / Director of Photography:
Rokas Sydeikis

Монтажа / Film Editing:
Lars Mulle

Филмска школа / Film School:
Zurich University of the Arts

Продуцент / Producer:
Filippo Bonacci

Улоге / Cast:
Gerardo Maffei, Catherine Pagani, Mattia Linzi, Vera Bommer, Roberto Guerra

Трајање / Duration:

Vanja Victor Kabir Tognola
Director's Biography
Vanja Victor Kabir Tognola

Born in 1994 in Mendrisio (Switzerland). In 1998, after being exposed to high doses of film and TV, he falls in love with the cinematic language. Being an idiom intuitive to understand, but quite hard to speak, in 2016 he decides to study Film to improve his fluency, getting in 2021 the Bachelor of Arts in Film at the Zurich University of Arts. In 2022 his short film Danzamatta won the Bronze Egg Award at the 15th Küstendorf Film and Music Festival organized by Emir Kusturica. The same year, his graduation short Talponi won the Best Comedy Award at LA Shorts and the NextGen Award at Nashville Film Festival.