12/1 | 11:00 | The Lone Wolf

Obrad Gluščević


German shepherd who survived the war became a bit wild while living alone in the wilderness. It is a mountainious landscape where wolves are often attacking the sheep. A boy named Ranko befriends the wild dog and names it Hund, as written on his collar. Other villagers however mistake Hund for a wolf and organise a hunt…

Obrad Gluščević

Stjepan Perović, Obrad Gluščević

Director of Photography
Nenad Jovičić

Film Editing
Lida Braniš-Bobinac

Sulejman Kapić

Production Company
Jadran Film

Slavko Štimac, Željko Mataija, Ivan Štimac, Boro Ivanišević, Smiljan Čičić, Smiljka Pavičić-Budak, Edo Peročević, Slavica Fila


Obrad Gluščević
Director's Biography
Obrad Gluščević

Obrad Gluščević (19131980) was a Yugoslavian film and television director and screenwriter. Originally an actor in Dubrovnik theater, his had his first film appearance in 1947, and his directing debut in 1948. His directing career began with documentaries and shorts, some of the awarded including Cooperative of the Young (1959), Under Summer Sun (1961), Wolf (1962), and an ethnographic film People of the Neretva (1966). Gluščević is somewhat of a classic of children's films owing to his features Story About a Girl and Soap (1962), The Lone Wolf (1972) and Captain Mikula Mali (1974). He directed two television series: Captain Mikula, an extended version of the film, and Jelenko. He was given the Vladimir Nazor award for lifetime achievement in 1978. Gluščević depicted the life and mentality of the Dalmatian region in his feature comedies Mad Summer (1964), Man of the World (1965) and The Naked Man (1968).