15/1 | 24:00 | Bilja Krstić & Bistrik Orchestra

Biljana Krstić was born in Niš, where she completed her elementary and secondary music education. She graduated from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade and worked as а solfeggio and piano teacher.

Biljana has been a part of the Serbian pop scene for a number of years. She was a band member in Suncokret and Rani mraz. During her time at the Faculty of Music, she began her solo career and made three pop albums. She was a member of the choirs Collegium musicum and Youth Choir Vojislav Vučković from Niš. For 18 years now, Biljana and the Bistrik orchestra have worked together to promote the ethnomusicological heritage of Serbia and the Balkans in the best possible way, linking traditional music and contemporary trends. They had performances at the Rome Colosseum, and at festivals in Indonesia, Brazil, America, Canada, Russia, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and many more, with more than 600 concerts so far. They have gained critical acclaim across Europe and the world.

Biljana Krstić wrote music for films Zona Zamfirova (2002) by Zdravko Šotra, and The Man Who Defended Gavrilo Princip (2015) by Srđan Koljević.

The Bistrik orchestra has nine members – Dragomir Stanojević (piano and arrangements), Nenad Josifović (violin), Slobodan Božanić (bass guitar), Nenad Božić (acoustic guitar, tambura), Maja Klisinski (percussions, back vocals), Milan Vašalić (gajde), Ruža Rudić (bendir and back vocals), Tijana Buturić (back vocals), Đurađ Plavšić (sound engineering and accordion).