11/1 | 24:00 |The Advahov Brothers Orchestra

The Advahov Brothers Orchestra was formed 15 years ago in Chisinau. Their debut was a sensation on both Moldovan and Romanian music scene. The orchestra takes its name after brothers Vitalie and Vasile Advahov, who come from a family of musicians from the south of the Republic of Moldova. After graduating from the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts, they started their own orchestra.

Their debut album Lume, nu mă judeca, recorded with a distinguished folk music singer and the donna of Romanian music Zinaida Julea, was a great success. Since then, the Advahov Brothers Orchestra has been among the most sought-after orchestras of folk music both in the country and abroad.

Since the very beginning, the band was in search of its unique identity and style, wishing to develop an appropriate repertoire. Over the years, besides recording music with various folk music singers, the Advahov Brothers Orchestra also managed to record tens of albums.

The critics regard this orchestra as a miracle, since it brought together many talented young folk music singers with established instrumentalists from the Republic of Moldova. At present, there are over 50 instrumentalists in the orchestra. They collaborate with renowned folk music singers from both sides of the river Prut.

The Advahov Brothers Orchestra performs both in the country and across Europe and may be considered a genuine ambassador of Romanian folklore.