Petar Lubarda 1907–1974–2017



As part of the 11th International Film and Music Festival Küstendorf, the Gallery of The Andrić Institute in Andrićgrad, which bears the name of the great Serbian painter Petar Lubarda, will be host to a retrospective exhibition Petar Lubarda 1907–1974–2017. The exhibition honoring one of the most prominent artists of both Serbian and world art scene of the 20th century, Petar Lubarda, will be held in celebration of 110 years since his birth. The exhibition includes Lubarda’s works between the two world wars, as well as those made during the war and post-war periods, displaying a retrospective selection of a total of 26 exhibits. The original works are accompanied by rich archive documents, printed panels with reproductions of photographs, letters, current newspaper articles and a lavishly illustrated catalog, which offer a lively portrait of Lubarda’s life and artistic work in the context of both local and international events of the time. The exhibition Petar Lubarda 1907–1974–2017 emphasizes the idea of continuity in the painter’s work from the pre-war to the post-war period, from realism to abstract expression of Petar Lubarda, whose originality and significance on the international art scene are confirmed by numerous acknowledgements in the time before, and especially after, World War II. The exhibition Petar Lubarda 1907–1974–2017 is a joint project of the Memorial Collection Pavle Beljanski and Heritage House Belgrade.

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