No gods, No Masters, A History of Anarchism

Tancrède Ramonet


This is the story of Anarchism.  By going back over the key events of the last two centuries of social history, the series reveals, for the first time, the origins and destiny of a political trend that has been fighting all masters and all gods for over 150 years.
Who exactly are they? Where do those who have always called themselves anarchists come from and what is their line of thought? Why do we consider their thinking to be confused and their history such a cause for concern?
Featuring previously unseen and forgotten archive footage, in addition to outstanding documentation and accounts by world experts, this documentary series recounts the history of a movement that from Paris to New York, and from Tokyo to Buenos Aires, has constantly imbued the world with its freedom and revolt.


Tancrède Ramonet

Thomas Bataille, Bastien Bösiger, Frédéric Joli, Roman Lechapelier, Stanley Stainski

Film Editing
Basile Carré, Claude Trinquesse, Olivier Zuchuat

Sara Brucker, Martin Laurent, Tancrede Ramonet

Production Companies
Arte France, Temps Noir

Redjep Mitrovitsa, Audrey Vernon


Tancrède Ramonet
Director's Biography
Tancrède Ramonet
Tancrède Ramonet is a documentary author-director and an audiovisual producer. He graduated from philosophy (Sorbonne), management (Paris-Dauphine), documentary production (La Havane) and international production (EURODOC), he started his own independent documentary and fiction production company, Temps noir in 2002. Tancrède is vice-president of the association 1000 cultures, co-founder of the artistic project Régis Jauffret et ses nègres, member of the board for Défi jeunes, speaker at INA sup, Paris IX Dauphine college and for the International school of cinema and television of San Antonio de los Banos (Cuba), and a member of the USPA, Galilée Club and C7. Tancrède Ramonet and Temps noir have won both the 2006 best young French producer award and the 2010 best French producer award. He produces documentary about social, historical, artistic and cultural issues, including Africa, story of a continent by Elikia M’Bokolo, Philippe Sainteny and Alain Ferrari, Requiem for revolution by Jihan El Tahri. In 2016, he directed Patrick Buisson le mauvais génie, co-directed with Ariane Chemin and Vanessa Schneider, broadcast on France 5, and No gods, No Masters, A History of Anarchism co-produced by Arte. His last documentary, Che Guevara, Beyond the Legend was broadcast on the French channel France 5 in 2017.