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All That Grows

China, Serbia/2017
Milena Grujić


An 11-year-old in Changsha, China, prepares to be an Olympic champion. Her thorough understanding of training and daily life shows us both sides of a childhood dedicated to the nation.

Milena Grujić

Milena Grujić

Director of Photography
Milena Grujić

Film Editing
Milena Grujić

Film School
Faculty of Dramatic Arts Belgrade

Wang Jaiyi

Production Company
Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture

Lv Junliang

11’ 24’’

Milena Grujić
Director's Biography
Milena Grujić

Milena Grujić was born in Belgrade in 1994. She attended XIII Belgrade Gymnasium, as well as music school Vatroslav Lisinski. She studies film directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. Her short film Last call was shown at several film festivals around the world, and won several awards. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Russian.

Filmography: Don’t let me go (2015), Last call (2016), Marlon (2017), All that grows (2017).