Competition Programme Selection

We are pleased to announce Kustendorf 2022 Competition Programme selection:

Carmela, Alfonso Villanueva Garcia, Fabiola Villanueva Bernal, Spain
Clear Sky, Igor Tsoy & Andrey Zamoskovny, Russia
Danzamatta, Vanja Victor Kabir Tongola, Switzerland
Elephant in the Mall, Ziv Mamon, Israel
Good German Work / Colleagues, Jannis Alexander Kiefer, Germany
How I Beat Glue and Bronze, Vladimir Vulević, Serbia, Germany
In Shallow Water, Marek Mouchka, Slovakia
Love stories on the move, Carina-Gabriela Dașoveanu, Romania
North Pole, Marija Apčevska, North Macedonia
Real News, Luka Popadić, Switzerland, Serbia
Terminal Happiness, Eric Romero, Portugal, Estonia, United Kingdom
The Ceremony, Tadeusz Kabicz, Poland
Tótem Loba (She Wolf Totem), Verónica Echegui, Spain
Useless Opera Singers, Pablo Serret De Ena, Denmark
We’re Not Animals, Noé Debré, France

We wish to take the opportunity to thank all the authors and distributors who submitted their films. After seeing 522 films submitted for the upcoming Kustendorf, we believe that fifteen films selected for the Competition Programme represent the trends within the recent short film production well and at the same time stand out by the authenticity of their authors visions and filmmaking skills displayed.  Competition Programme will be screened between Saturday 22 January and Wednesday 26 January 2022, along with the other festival programs, in Drvengrad in Mokra Gora, Serbia. Film directors competing for the awards of Kustendorf 2022 are invited for the festival.