Awards of the Fourteenth Kustendorf Handed

The final day of the Fourteenth Kustendorf International Film and Music Festival wrapped up with a closing ceremony held at the Stanley Kubrick theatre in Mećavnik.

Members of the jury joined professor Emir Kusturica in a teleconference, to present the Festival awards – Golden, Silver and Bronze Eggs and the Vilko Filač Award for Cinematography.

Miki Manojlović, Alice Rohrwacher and Bruno Tarrière have unanimously decided to award not one but two film authors. The Golden Egg goes to both Özgür Anil for The Verdict in the Case of K and Inbar Horesh for Birth Right.  The names of the prize winners were announced by Miki Manojlović: It wasn’t easy to make decisisions but we made it unanimously. Our decision is to award two films that are in our opinion the best. They have stories, nice stories, they are directed, filmed, edited and acted very well. We think that 22 young directors, filmmakers, and crews that made 22 movies are all very talented. Directors of these films will, we hope, become great directors in the near future!

The Silver Egg Award went to the film Rain directed by Piotr Milczarek from Poland. Bruno Tarrière announced the decision, saying: We all loved this short film, only five minutes long, that created such a vertiginous emotion, using both humor and beautiful mastery of drawing and sound. With its universal language it stimulates the imagination and reflexion. You can see this film once, think about the problems of the society, and see it again on another day and think completely the other way.

 The Bronze Egg went to Ana Aleksovska from North Macedonia for Consuming Contemporary. Alice Rohrwacher announced the recepient, saying: This award goes to film that talks about art and hunger. The director presented us with an unforgettable character, with a lot of tenderness, joy… (While watching) this movie we thought she is a a beautiful human being and I think it is always important to remember the connection between human beings and good directors, good movies. You can feel the relation between the director and the character.

 FThe Vilko Filač Award for Cinematography went to Cesary Stolecki for Home sweet home directed by Agata Puszcz from Poland. The award was announced by Michel Amathieu: I was impressed by the strong direction and very precise lighting that is very esthetical and it pictures well what director wants to say.

Jury has also decided to award a Special Mention to Baizak Mamataliyev’s On the Boat. The award was announced by Alice Rohrwacher: Special award goes to the director who used very few elements, a river, a woman, a man and a baby, in a movie with a lot of humor and intensity. The movie is realistic, but also a parable. Even in fairy tales you know the end but you are happy to see it again and again.

See the winners in the photo gallery.