14/1 | 21:00 | Nowhere Under the Rainbow

Régis Delicata


Hollywood, 1938. Panic stations at the MGM. Filming starts in two days for the Wizard of Oz, and the Trade Union for Little People are on strike. Their demands are beyond belief…The producer, Abraham Grossman, a tyrannical Tycoon who is little inclined to negotiate, tries everything in his power to replace these dwarfs, who play an essential role in the film. He tries hare-brained plan Bs, threats of retaliation, but all to no avail. Faced with a stalemate, Grossman agrees to negotiate. Thus begins a monumental power struggle between Grossman and Alastair MacGrady, the Trade Union representative. Will they find a resolution?

Régis Delicata

Régis Delicata

Director of Photography
Mathieu Kaufmann

Film Editing
Guillaume Talvas

Arnaud Bruttin

Production Company
Artisans du Film

Pierre Forest
Jeanne Chartier
Krzstoff Fluder
Rodolphe Pauly
Simon Hubert
Vincent Deniard



Régis Delicata
Director's Biography
Régis Delicata

Régis Delicata was born in 1984. After studying literature, he wrote his first novel Rhapsodie pour une Dent creuse, published by Grasset Publishing House. As an editor and freelancer, he works for several publishing houses, communication agencies and newspapers. His love for cinema brought him, in 2019, to direct his first short film, Nowhere under the Rainbow.