15/1 | 24:00 | Dejan Petrović Big Band

Dejan Petrović, the son of the most famous Serbian trumpet player Mića Petrović, was born in 1985 in the village Duboko, near Užice. Dejan and his brother Darko belong to the fourth generation of trumpet players in their family.  At the age of six, Dejan played for the first time in front of an audience. By the age of twelve he had already had his own, junior orchestra. With a lot of hard work and efforts put in, with the help and support of his brother Darko and other members of the band, Dejan, a young trumpet player, won prestigious awards as well as hearts of the audience wherever he performed. In Guča, in 2006, he won the most prominent award at the competition, as the youngest Master of the Trumpet. The name Dejan Petrović became a synonym for traditional Serbian music everywhere in the world, often combined with modern elements and adjusted for everybody’s ear. For fifteen years now, one could hear the name Dejan Petrović Orchestra in the finals of every trumpet orchestra competition, both home and abroad. Having won everything there was to win, in 2010 Dejan and his orchestra decided to stop competing at the Guča festival, to give opportunity to new, young orchestras, while they move on. Many people in the music and film industry have chosen this orchestra as their co-workers, Emir Kusturica being one of the most important. They recorded music for some of his films, and they often play at Kustendorf Festival.