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Paolo Villaluna


Mang Pepe and his family travel from Quezon City to Bicol on pedicabs. Mang Pepe and his wife, Remedios, their daughter Pina, their son JP with his pregnant blind wife Isabel, and their dog Kikay, live together in a shanty at a Quezon City slum. To survive daily, Mang Pepe drives his pedicab and carries various loads to the market while Remedios washes laundry for her neighbors. JP and Pina both try to earn a living and Isabel, in her blindness, sees and converses with Jesus Christ. Seeing their futile life in the city, Mang Pepe convinces the family to go back to their hometown in Bicol. Without enough transport money, they decide to use pedicabs so they could pedal their way back to the province. A series of unfortunate events occur that will either test their determination or distract them from their journey home.

Paolo Villaluna, Ellen Ramos

Director of Photography
Sasha Palomares

Film Editing
Paolo Villaluna, Ellen Ramos

Ellen Ramos, Paolo Villaluna

Production Company
Universal Harvester Inc.

Bembol Roco, Cherry Pie Picache, Meryll Soriano, Jerald Napoles, Jess Mendoza, Chai Fonacier


Paolo Villaluna
Director's Biography
Paolo Villaluna

Paolo Villaluna is a Filipino filmmaker, television and TV commercial director born 1977. His documentary and fiction shorts have been screened in several international film festivals including Yamagata, Clermont-Ferrand and Rotterdam. In 2005, together with co-director and animator Ellen Ramos, he began the Love Trilogy, a triptych of feature films that explore the dark nuances of romantic relationships. llusion was awarded with CJ Selections at the 2006 Busan International Film Festival. The Inmate aside from winning local awards, was the first Filipino film to be accepted in the main competition of both the Montreal World Film Festival and the Thessaloniki International Film Festiva The trilogy ended with Endless Farewell (2009) which won the Best World Showcase award in Soho International Film Festival in New York. In 2010, he created the highly-acclaimed weekly documentary show Storyline, together with producer, writer and journalist Patricia Evangelista. His fourth and latest film Pedicab (2016) has won the Golden Goblet Award for the best feature at the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival. Paolo Villaluna is considered a part of Philippine New Wave as one of the most significant digital frontliners of the indie movement.