Awards of 11th Kustendorf Presented

The closing ceremony of the 11th International Film and Music Festival Küstendorf was also the award ceremony of the Competition Programme.

The winner of this year’s Vilko Filač award for best cinematography is Piotr Pawlus for the film It’s Really Awesome. István Borbás gave the award, emphasizing the significance of photography and comparing it to building bridges between light and shadow, directing and acting, calling Vilko Filač a great bridge builder, whose presence is felt in every shot he took.

The ceremony continued with special and main awards.

Since all stories are told, it is always good to see one retold in a new way, in a new geography, said a member of this year’s Jury, Peca Popović, and handed the first special jury award to the film Chanel by Humberto Vallejo. The second special jury award went to the film Merry-go-round by Ruslan Bratov. The Jury said that this film re-plays a known cinematic theme about masculine mindlessness in an irresistible and very humorous way.

Bronze Egg was given by professor Serge Regourd to the film Lumpen by Nikola Vičinić. Regourd emphasized that the film talks about the reality of a global market which reduces the life of a good worker to insignificance.

Silver Egg went to the film Fifteen by Sameh Alaa. Vlastimir Sudar presented this award, pointing out that this is a film that shows how in the world of grown-ups, one child takes responsibility of an uncertain future.

The main award, the Golden Egg, was given to the film which in a sensitive way witnesses a lust for life in a politically complex world, film Bomboné directed by Rakan Mayasi. The award was presented to the Palestinian director by Peca Popović.