Van Gogh

Born during the best of times – in Yugoslavia during the eighties – and grew up and matured during the hardest of times – in Serbia during the nineties – Van Gogh today proudly bears the title of the last great band formed in the region. This is a band which filled all the major local concert venues, a band whose albums the critics listed among the best ones in the history of the local discography and a band which regularly receives compliments outside of their country: in England, America, Germany, Italy and other parts of the world. In a three decade long career – which is an accomplishment anywhere on the planet – Van Gogh have shown great respect for their audience; and the audience responded with great love and undivided loyalty.

Ivan Ivačković

Van Gogh are:
Zvonimir Đukić Đule – vocal and guitar
Dejan Ilić Cvika – bass guitar
Srboljub Radivojević Srba – drums
Branislav Gluvakov Bane – guitar