The NS Big Band

The Novi Sad Big Band was founded in May 2003 by professional and renowned jazz and pop musicians of Novi Sad, with the intention of filling the gap left by the disappearance of the RTV Novi Sad Dance Orchestra, and continuing the tradition of light, film, stage and jazz orchestral music. For the last 14 years, Big Band has taken part in over 332 concerts in our country and abroad, including the opening ceremonies of International Film Festivals in Sarajevo, Palić and Novi Sad, as well as numerous concerts in RTV Vojvodina’s Studio M. Moreover, NS Big Band released their first CD Just Music in 2010, with covers of domestic pop and rock hits. Their second CD Polaris with original music was released in 2017. During a NS Big Band season, jazz appears as a basic genre and music foundation, and a leitmotiv for life and creativity of a jazz musician. The eighteen young musicians, members of the Novi Sad Big Band, have gathered around common objectives: their love for jazz and music in general, ensemble performance in a big band, a desire for professional advancement, gaining knowledge and experience as well as further education at one of the Jazz Academies in the world. The Big Band has excellent concert cooperation with many recognised artists of the region such as Jelena Tomašević, Massimo Savić, Tanja Banjanin, Aleksandra Radović, Tijana Bogićević, Tanja Jovićević, Svetlana Palada, Jelena Buča, Kornelije Kovač, Vladimir Samardžić, Billy King, Saša Vasić, Boris Režak, Jelena Jovović, Danka Adamov, Sergej Trifunović, to name just a few. The NS Big Band repertoire features jazz, Latin, pop, soul, film, disco and evergreen hits. The NS Big Band has appeared in various formations, depending on the programme. Today, its backbone consists of the best jazz musicians of Novi Sad. Conductor and arranger of the NS Big Band is Fedor Vrtačnik.

Gabor Bunford – tenor sax

Ivan Blanuša – alt sax

Stojan Grubić – alt sax

Nikola Macura – tenor sax

Geza Kučera – baritone sax

Brankica Đukić-Jatić – flute, piccolo

Dragan Kozarčić – trumpet

Atila Pete – trumpet

Goran Erić – trumpet

Stefan Stanečić – trumpet

Vladimir Nežić – trombone

Stevan Dragaš – trombone

Nikola Milanov – trombone

Nemanja Zlatarev – trombone

Aleksandar Banjac – piano

Vladimir Jakovljević – guitar

Ištvan Mađarić – bass guitar

Goran Evetović – drums

Saša Ignjatović – percussions

Danka Adamov – vocals

Conductor and arranger of the NS Big Band is Fedor Vrtačnik.