Nobody Here

Jelena Gavrilović


Sara is a 17-year-old girl still obsessed with her ex boyfriend Sergej. In the absence of a father figure, she finds comfort in her bodyguard Dušan.


Dimitrije Kokanov, Jelena Gavrilović

Director of Photography
Igor Đorđević

 Film Editing
Ana Žugić

 Film School
Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade

Nada Savić

 Production Company
Serbian Film Center (FCS) in coproduction with Faculty of Dramatic Arts

Teodora Janković, Igor Benčina, Miodrag Dragićević, Nina Popović


Jelena Gavrilović
Director's Biography
Jelena Gavrilović

Jelena Gavrilović was born in 1990 in Belgrade. She graduated in Film Directing from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. Her student films were screened and awarded at numerous international film festivals. In 2013, she directed the first web series in the Balkans called #JustSaying which received Satellite award for Best original new format in Hollywood.