Frontier, Bloody frontier

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska/2016
Saša Karanović


Jovan is a good man and a hard worker. And as with every good man and hard worker, Jovan is exploited. After fifteen years of hard work in a factory, his superiors decide he has finally deserved a steady contract, full salary, health and social security. His colleagues are happy for him, and his wife and son have prepared a celebration at home. That morning, a new young worker shows up and Jovan knows that, after all, it will be just another day at the factory.

Saša Karanović

 Director of Photography
Srđan Šipka

 Film Editing
Dragan Vranjković

 Film School
Banja Luka Academy of Arts

Đorđe Vranješ

 Production Company
Mania and Banja Luka Academy Of Arts

Ljubiša Savanović, Boris Šavija, Ana Anđelić, Aleksandar Ristanović, Goran Dakić, Nikola Đeri


Saša Karanović
Director's Biography
Saša Karanović

Saša Karanović was born in Sarajevo in 1989, but he never lived there. He lived in Bihać, Dubovsko, Petrovac, Zaječar, Bor, Kikinda, Ivanjska and Banja Luka. Saša graduated from high school in Banja Luka, holds an MA in Philosophy and is currently studying film at the Banja Luka Academy of Arts. During his studies he made five short films, including Grandson (2014), Metanoia (2014), 2000 Kilometers (2015), Go-Go Martyrs (2015) and Frontier, Bloody Frontier (2016).