Afloat, Adrift

United Kingdom, Hong Kong/2016
Jo Jo Lam


“What happens when you want to learn how to swim, with aqua-phobia?” Afloat, Adrift is a crowdfunded, short dramatic comedy that follows the life of Mei, a Chinese housewife stuck in her own version of a no man’s land in British suburbia. Over the years, Mei has failed at integrating into her adopted society. She made a choice to put her family first, and lost herself along the way. The men in her life maintain a bond through their obsession with swimming, but Mei is afraid of water and this reinforced her domestic and submissive role. Can she conquer her crippling fear enough to finally reunite with her family and find herself again? Armed with a pair of gloves, an apron, a bucket and a VCR tape, she makes her first move…

Jo Jo Lam

Director of Photography
Felix Schmilinsky

Film Editing
Ivana Anastasovska

Jason Bradbury, Јo Jo Lam

 Production Company
Matchbox Media Collective

Daphne Cheung, Daniel York, Bruce Chong


Jo Jo Lam
Director's Biography
Jo Jo Lam

Jo Jo Lam was born in 1991 in Hong Kong. She is a director and cinematographer currently based in Paris, France, and has worked and lived in London and Melbourne after leaving Hong Kong at the age of 16. She has been working within the camera department of various professional projects including music videos, short films and commercials for the past five years. One of the short films she DOPed, If You Ever See Marija was part of the Kustendorf Film Festival in 2016. Jo Jo considers herself a filmmaker above all and she believes cinema to be an opportunity for her to penetrate different parts of the world and tell stories across borders. Afloat, Adrift is Jo Jo’s directing debut.