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Dejan Lazarević Orchestra



Dejan Lazarević is a trumpet player from Požega, Serbia. The Dejan Lazarević Brass Orchestra was formed in 2002. They held numerous concerts in Serbia and abroad. They were first awarded a year after the orchestra was formed, in 2003. That year, at the Dragačevo Trumpet Festival in Guča Dejan won the Golden Trumpet audience award for best trumpet player. The jury award of the Guča Festival came in 2005. The following year they were awarded best orchestra too. For the first time in history, both audience and jury awards went to the same performer when Lazarević won the Golden trumpet and First trumpet in 2008. That same year he was proclaimed the Trumpet master. Together with the orchestra, Dejan Lazarević was declared the King of the Balkan trumpet in 2008 at a festival in Zaječar. This was followed by awards for Best Band and Best Orchestra of the World at the Festival in Guča in 2011.

With their interpretation of Serbian folk music on wind instruments, Dejan Lazarević Orchestra has attracted attention beyond the borders of Serbia. They played in Italy, France, Russia, Belgium, Austria, Norway, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, etc.