Nikita Mikhalkov Arrives for Küstendorf as a Fresh “Golden Eagle” Laureate


Following a long journey, famous Russian filmmaker Nikita Mikhalkov has arrived to Drvengrad. Mikhalkov’s latest film, Sunstroke, has just won the Russian national Golden Eagle award in the Best Film nomination. The award was handed to him during a ceremony staged at the famed Mosfilm Studio in Moscow. At the main square of Drvengrad, he was cordially greeted an congratulated by Professor Emir Kusturica and Svetolik Mića Zajc, who worked on Sunstroke as the editor. The film, an adaptation of two works by Russian writer Ivan Bunin, will be screened tomorrow at 16:00 hours, in the “Damned Yard” cinema in Drvengrad. After the screening, Mikhalkov will conduct a master class for young filmmakers.

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