Film Museum in Łódź


Andrei Konchalovsky

The exhibition prepared by the Film Museum in Łódź specially for this year’s edition of the Kustendorf Film and Music Festival is a presentation of the achievements of one of the most best known Russian film maker, whose fame and popularity in world cinema are owed to such films as: “Siberiade”, “Ryaba, My Chicken”, “Maria’s Lovers” or “Runaway Train”.

The work of Andrei Konchalovsky has been displayed in posters, photographs and still photos from films which he directed. It is a unique collection of archive material, which has been gathered specially for this occasion from European film collections.

Apart from photographs the exhibition will include a unique collection of film posters from all over the world including Poland, USA, Japan, Turkey, Russia, Hungary, France and Germany. These underline the popularity of both the director and of his films in other parts of the world.

The aim of the exhibition is to present Andrei Konchalovsky as an outstanding world film-maker, and also a great personality who has at times provoked controversial reactions. He is one of the most fascinating film artists of our times who is also well known for his theater and opera productions.

This will be the first presentation of the exhibition and it will take place at the Kustendorf Film and Music Festival from the 21th till the 26th January 2015.


Exhibition prepared by Film Museum in Łódź, Poland

Curators: Piotr Kulesza, Sławomir Bit

Graphic design: Sławomir Bit