Competition Programme


Netherlands | 2014

Isabel Lamberti


Isabel Lamberti

Isabel Lamberti

Director of photography:
Niels van der Kraan

Film Editing:
Augustine Huijsser

Film School:
Netherlands Film Academy

Maya Perez,
Olya van Poppel

Zoë Jaeger



This is an intimate portrait of a 16-years-old Zoë who longs for more in life but is stuck in the grey landscape and rural roads of her home country. In Flaming Red, each image looks like a motion painting in which time is prolonged and extended, and is contemplative. Flaming Red is an ode to the moments of life you normally do not see in films, moments in which nothing really happens, but in which soul screams.




Director's Biography

Isabel Lamberti

Isabel Lamberti was born in Germany, but grew up in Spain and later on, in the Netherlands. She studied film at the University of Amsterdam and went for a year abroad at Tisch School of the Arts in New York. There she made her first film Sundays with Lily, which got her accepted into the film academy in Amsterdam. In her films, Isabel does not concentrate much on narratives. She rather focuses on creating poetic worlds and painting landscapes which symbolize the inner world of her characters. Isabel Lamberti made Flaming Red in her third year of the film academy. She is currently working on her graduation film.