The team of the International film and music festival Kustendorf consists of people who share many qualities. Intelligent, hard working, good-looking and smiling. They work hard, but also party hard. Devoted to positive ideas and believe in Good. They have some flaws as well, but who doesn’t?

Emir Kusturica

founder, director and selector of the International film and music festival Kustendorf. World-famous film director and winner of two Golden Palms at the Cannes Film Festival. Musician, writer, architect, visionary. His own.


Maja Kusturica

executive director of Kustendorf. Spiritus movens of the festival team. Shows serenity under extreme stress. Reflects on things and gives them a meaning. Lady.


Christopher Mondt

technical director of Kustendorf. A man who makes perfect works on celluloid even more perfect. A true rocker.


Svetolik Mića Zajc

supervisor of Kustendorf. World-renowned film editor and sound designer. Possesses all necessary knowledge and skills to prevent things from going wrong. Devoted.


Dunja Kusturica

selector of the Competition Program of Kustendorf. With lots of attention, patience and enthusiasm follows works of young filmmakers. Artistic soul and unofficial DJ of the festival. Dreamer.


Nana Kusturica

chief of guest service and main programme coordinator of Kustendorf. Has answers to any question at any time. Responsible, discreet and irreplaceable. A soul.


Anđelija Janićijević

a translator and interviewer for the Kustendorf website. Works on the move, writes in airplanes, trains and automobiles. Capable of running uphill from Mećavnik to Iver ski lane. Very diligent.


Milan Nešković

creative geek and workshop moderator at Kustendorf. Always in motion, full of ideas and enthusiasm. Clever and amusing. Blazing fire. Braggart.


Marko Milosavljević

editor-in-chief of the Kustendorf catalogue and webpage. Dedicated to work when the night falls. Slow but thorough. Unchristened Belgrader.


Nenad Meršnik

assistant to the executive director of Kustendorf. Always awake and sober, constantly torn between problem solving and friendliness, the traditional and the modern, different pronunciations, Vrbas and the Danube. Šahbaz.

nenad mersnik

Čika Branko

main coordinator of guest service of Kustendorf. Day and night takes care of safe and secure arrival and departures of festival guests. Focused and reliable. Always awake and forever young.


Dragan Radivojević the Lion and Dragan Teodorović the Rabbit

main coordinators of Kustendorf Music Programme. Two devoted and loyal Dragans. One persistent and one literally thorough. The Blue Rabbit and Terrible Lion.