New Authors


Serbia / Germany | 2013

Lena Müller, Dragan von Petrović, Vuk Maksimovič

Lena Müller
Dragan von Petrović

Co- director:
Vuk Maksimovič

Vuk Maksimovič
Lena Müller
Dragan von Petrović

Director of photography:
Vuk Maksimovič

Film Editing:
Dragan von Petrović

Lena Müller

Production company:
Von Müller Film


 A bordello doorman in West-Berlin wants the Wall and his past back.
The Yugoslav immigrant Dragan Wende used to be the street king of West-Berlin’s 1970s hedonistic disco scene. Along with his friends, he roamed the nightclubs on both sides of the Wall – his pockets full of Western money.
But when the Wall fell, everything changed. Dragan has not set foot in East-Berlin for the past 20 years and has no intention to do so.
A crazy piece of world history told from the kitchen of an eccentric and washed-up bordello doorman. A moving piece of family history, told in the historical dimension of the Cold War. A microcosm of underdogs and their survival strategies unfolds as a tragicomedy in a still-divided city.
Directors’ biographies

Lena Müller

lena muller

Half German, half Yugoslav, Lena grew up in Berlin and in Paris. After a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University, Lena worked in a Belgrade-based human rights think-tank devising and leading large-scale civil society projects. Lena turned to acting in theatre and film and to producing. She founded a theatre and film collective in Berlin, produced short films, worked as assistant director/producer for Doc en Stock/arte, and for Kloos&Co.Medien/RISE AND SHINE where she was responsible for project development and world sales. She created the production company von.mü in 2009 with the aim to develop, produce and direct creative documentaries for cinema and TV.

She works for BBC Worldwide.

Dragan von Petrović

dragan von petrovic

Dragan grew up in Leskovac, South Serbia. He studied philosophy at the University of Belgrade and worked as a sports journalist for the TV station Studio B. He finished the AFC Film Directing School before enrolling in the Film Editing Department at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. He attended various film workshops including: Ex Oriente, Berlinale Talent Campus, Nipkow Programm, Zagrebdox Pro. He works as a freelance film editor on creative documentaries and fiction feature films, as well as an editing doctor on documentary films.

 Vuk Maksimovič

vuk maksimovič

Vuk grew up in Belgrade and Bratislava. He studied cinematography at the Belgrade Acadamy of Arts (AUBK). He was DoP and co-author of the documentary „The Users“ (Korisnici,40 min) and the road movie documentary „Tarot,Serbia!“ (56 min). He was responsible for video, motion graphics and light design for several theatre plays at CZKM in Belgrade.