Russia | 2012
Konstantin Smirnov
Programme date: 20.01.2013
Programme time: 10.30

One of its founders tells the true non-fiction story about the famous Russian football firm Yaroslavka (also known as a hooligan firm). The main character Sasha “Yauza” makes an attempt to explain the reasons for young men becoming football hooligans. Yauza analyzes his own experience by telling the real story of Yaroslavka growing from almost nothing into one of the most feared hooligan gangs in the world.

Director Biography
Konstantin Smirnov

Konstantin Smirnov was born in 1982. He graduated from the Moscow State University (MSU), in the psychology department. Later, Konstantin graduated from the directorial faculty of the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK). Konstatin Smirnov is currently pursuing his profession as a director of fiction films and documentaries. He is also the author of Alive (2006) and The Puzzle of Sad Stringer (2007). The latter was introduced at the 24th International Hamburg Short Films Festival (Germany), Kustendorf International Film and Music Festival 2008 (Serbia), 8th International Cinemadre Film Festival (Italy), the 18th Festival of Fiction Films Flaetrina, among others.

Director: Konstantin Smirnov

Screenplay: Konstantin Smirnov, Alexey Klyushnikov

Director of photography: Olga Marchenko, Ivan Mamonov, Konstantin Smirnov

Film Editing: Konstantin Smirnov

Producers: Alexey Klyushnikov Production

Companies: RISK Company (Кинокомпания «Риск»)

Duration: 35` 17``