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About Band

The year 2012 was a special year for the band Che Sudaka from Barcelona, as it was the tenth year since their official formation on March 15th 2002. Moreover the concert-counter exceeds the number 1,000: one thousand shows in 23 countries! And with the release of their fifth official studio-album, the band began a new leg not only in an artistic sense, but also on an organizational level. This album, which with reference to the band anniversary got the simple title “10”, has been released under their own steam on the band’s own label Cavernicola Records. With this courageous step Che Sudaka follow their way as independent band and meet the new challenge with their own and very special positive energy.

One could also say: at the age of ten Che Sudaka have finally grown up! The Argentinean and Colombian musicians, who entered the Mediterranean seaport Barcelona without papers in 2000, managed to elevate Che Sudaka to a musical reference on an international level. With hard work, a lot of creativity and even more confidence in the success of the upright and straight way as human being and musician, Che Sudaka won the respect of audience and music industry likewise, as well as the reputation as one of the most powerful and craziest live bands worldwide.

Already the previous album Tudo É Possible, released in October 2009, made it to position #15 of the European World Music Charts off the cuff and got awarded by the Spanish music mag Mondo Sonoro as fifth best album 2009 in the category World Music National. In July 2010 Tudo É Possible was decorated with the award of the Unión Fonográfica Independiente (UFI) in Spain for the best album in the category World Music 2010.

Live we can expect the full impact of raging drums, phat guitars, driving bass lines and synth samples; with many-voiced vocals and with the insane show of the two singer-brothers Leo and Kacha of course!