Programme date: 20.01.2013
Programme time: 00.00
About Band

Born in 2005 as brass marching band to support the artist/vagabond Gigi Miracol, the Italian-based "Funambolik Heptet" Radio Zastava translates into music the cultural blending of their own region, Friuli, land of the border and doors to the Balkans and Northern Europe.

This brass, percussions and accordion ensemble is strongly characterized by their multicoloured origins (Austrian, Friulian, Serbian/Bosnian, and Slovene). Surprised by the success of the first delirious live act, Radio Zastava began studying the classical passages of the Balkan and Klezmer repertoire, to land finally on the composition of original pieces influenced by swing, manouche, alpine folk, punk...

And so, in an arc of very brief time, Radio Zastava have already given two hundred concerts including United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and France, participating in many international Festivals: Fete de la Musique (Paris), Balkan Beats and Paradise Gardens (London), Frequenzen Festival (Meldorf-Germany); becoming the one of the Balkan-oriented bands with high demand in Italy.

Today's repertoire of Radio Zastava, and their mix of tradition and innovation, gives outlet to the virtuosity, to the improvisation and strong theatricality that marks their style. These features are well represented on their first new album called simply "The Funambolik Heptet". The band is now working on a new CD on which they give vent to some unsuspected electro / dub and drum and bass influences...They have recently received an invitation to join the stellar cast of the Glastonbury Festival in England.

The atmospheres transmitted by the Zastavas seduce women and men, rich and poor, old men and young people, taking of siege city plazas, marriages, parties, great and small stages and instigating the party and the dance!