Israel | 2012
Daphna Mero
Programme date: 20.01.2013
Programme time: 21.00

Washed, tells the story of a female laundry worker who is raped by three of her co-workers, by integrating dance with that of narrative film. In a fit of anger and despair she thrusts herself against the folding table and miscarries the fruit of that violent encounter. The discovery of the dead fetus by one of the workers throws her into a state of frenzy as she spirals back through time and painful memories only to find herself trapped in a body and place from which she cannot escape.

Director Biography
Daphna Mero

Daphna Mero is a film director and a professional dancer. She holds a B-Dance from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. She graduated with a film degree from Minshar for Art in Tel-Aviv. Location is key for her films, which deal with the human experience by incorporating film, art and dance. In 2008, Family Trip (2008) won first place in Get-Green contest of the 5th Eco-Cinema Festival in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Daphna Mero's short film Cotton Candy (2010) was screened at The New York Video Art & Experimental Film Festival (USA) in 2011, the 6th International Film Festival Kratkofil Plus, Banjaluka (Serbia) in 2012 and the 19th ‘Women Make Waves’ Film Festival, Taipei (Taiwan) in 2012.

Short Fiction (Experimental)

Daphna Mero

Daphna Mero

Director of photography:
Yair Halper

Film Editing:
Tomer Rubens

Film School:
Minshar for Art

Yitzchak Jaffe, Zeev Shalev, Miri Chen

Shelly Lautman, Moshe Shechter-Avshalom, Daniel Brusovani, Ofer Amram, Ronit Hadad