Serbia | 2012
Ivan Bakrač
Programme date: 20.01.2013
Programme time: 21.00

A history teacher from Belgrade and his wife arrive in a Montenegrin seaside town in order to combat his debilitating depression which burdens their relationship. While Nikolija does research in a museum, Damjan wanders aimlessly through the dormant town. And then he encounters a mysterious local lady and her grandson.

Director Biography
Ivan Bakrač

Ivan Bakrač was born in 1987 in Montenegro. He graduated Film Directing in Belgrade. He has directed 14 short films and also worked as a cinematographer, editor and producer. His documentary film Speak, So I May See You! took part in the competition program of Kustendorf Film Festival 2009. With the same film, as well with the fiction film The Green Fairy, he participated in DokumentArt Film Festival in Germany and Poland. He has directed several other films, including Women’s Stuff (2007) and Small Good Thing (2011).

Short Fiction

Ivan Bakrač

Ivan Bakrač

Director of photography:
Dušan Grubin

Film Editing:
Nataša Pantić

Film School:
Faculty of Art and Design, Belgrade

Darko Kisić, Ivan Bakrač

Production Companies:
Bast Commerce

Bojan Žirović, Tatjana Beljakova, Jelena Angelovski, Anita Mančić