Republic of Korea | 2012
Ahn Jin-woo
Programme date: 18.01.2013
Programme time: 21.00

Do you know how lonely it is to live without words?

There is a ceremonial table in front of the ritual folding screen.

Mr. Whang looks at the picture of his deceased wife on the table.

He is the elderly living alone who has suffered from diseases, poverty and loneliness. Once he was carpenter, but currently he picks up scrap paper to sell for a living. He is really eager to earn money. Then, why? He builds a coffin with wood scraps from the street, digs a grave, and prepares goods for ancestral rites and food for a funeral. Then, he gets into the coffin and commits suicide by drinking agricultural pesticides.

Director Biography
Ahn Jin-woo

Ahn Jin-woo was born in 1979 in Korea. In 2007, he graduated at the Korean National University of Arts. He has directed several short films, including The Love (2008), Serious Girls (2009), Taewan (2010) and Black Out (2012).

Short Fiction

Ahn Jin-woo

Ahn Jin-woo

Director of photography:
Kim Dong-hyuk

Film Editing:
Kwon Oh-hyun

Film School:
Korea National University оf Arts

Ahn Jin-woo

Production Companies:
Korea National University оf Arts

Oh Su – hyun