Poland | 2012
Vakhtang (Tato) Kotetishvili
Programme date: 17.01.2013
Programme time: 21.00

Away from cities a man puts up a watermelon stall. Rare local drivers pass by without stopping. Only tourists stop to have a picture taken in front of such a peculiar sight. Such a business can hardly bring profit. To make things worse another seller puts up his stall opposite from him. The film shows a day in the life of watermelon seller.

2012 Krakow Film Festival,Poland – Silver Hobby-Horse for the Director of the Best Fiction Film

Director Biography
Vakhtang (Tato) Kotetishvili

Vakhtang (Tato) Kotetishvili was born in 1987 in Georgia. He finished Cinematography course at the Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film University. Since 2008, he is studying Cinematography at the Polish National Film School (PWSFTViT) in Lodz. Kotetishvili has worked as a cameraman on numerous students’ films. He is also a director and photographer. His photos have been exhibited, among others, in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Russia. Kotetishvili has made several shorts films as a director and D.O.P., including After Party, Vessel, Tamagotchi,Watermelon.

Short Fiction

Vakhtang (Tato) Kotetishvili

Vakhtang (Tato) Kotetishvili, Nikoloz Mdivani

Director of photography:
Vakhtang (Tato) Kotetishvili

Film Editing:
Wojciech Janas, Vakhtang (Tato) Kotetishvili

Film School:
The Polish National Film School (PWSFTViT) in Lodz

Martin Malatynski, Vakhtang (Tato) Kotetishvili

Production Companies:
PWSFTviT and Zango Desing

Gocha Jikhashvili, Valeri Cercvadze