Republic of Korea, UK | 2012
Jeongeun Choi
Programme date: 17.12.2012
Programme time: 21.00

Rise Above follows one guy and his girlfriend's mother as they climb Saraoreum, a volcanic mountain with a lake at the summit. Two people meet for the first time in strangely uncomfortable circumstances, which become clear during their ascent of Saraoreum. During their journey, they start to talk and share their memories and thoughts about a woman - the guy's girlfriend and also the mother's daughter.


Director Biography
Jeongeun Choi

Jeongeun Choi is currently studying MA Filmmaking at The London Film School. In 2002 she began studying Filmmaking in the Film Art Department at Sejong University in Korea. After graduating, she was employed as a script supervisor for Director WON, Shin-yeon’s Seven Days, and Director PARK, Chan-wook’s, Thirst. In 2009, she began working as The London Korean Film Festival Co-ordinator, and gained another new perspective in the film industry. She then created Spare, which is a collaboration with The National Gallery in London inspired by a Vincent van Gogh's painting, A Wheatfield with Cypresses. The film was shown at The National Gallery and is screening at The Aesthetica Short Film Festival and The Underwire Festival. Her recent work, Rise Above, was selected as a part of the Independent Short Film Funding programme in 2011 by The Korean Film Council and The Jeju Film Commission. The film was shown at Short Film Corner at Festival de Cannes 2012 this year. She is currently editing her London Film School graduation film and as well as preparing her first feature film.  

Short Fiction

Jeongeun Choi

Jeongeun Choi

Director of photography:
Whee Soo Han

Film Editing:
Jeongeun Choi

Film School:
The London Film School - UK

Yeong Jin Yang

Production Companies:
Choi Film

Bu-seon Kim, Tae Kyung Oh